A town on fire

Carnival time brings many surprises. Do you know of many local authorities willing to take the risk of putting their town on fire? Well, those of the town of Liestal (a stone’s throw away from Basel) do not hesitate a minute.

It all starts on a sunny Sunday afternoon, with a bit of music and some innocent fun.

Then, I could observe some strange behaviour and quite a lot of firepeople around.

01-_S3V1682 05-_S3V1723As crowds gather, darkness comes along with more music and a parade.

06-_S3V1728 07-_S3V1732 01-_S3V1749Eventually, all lights are switched off and the show everyone came for starts. Click on the first photograph to see a slideshow.

Note that the town authorities do not accept any responsibility for damage to cameras, mobile phones, clothing or other, such as burned ears or roasted hair.

The tradition started in 1902 and symbolises bringing light and warmth to the town after the dark and cold winter.

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