In preparation of a group exhibition, I selected a series of three photographs on the theme of “reflection”; reflection in shop windows, but also reflection about fashion and the way of advertising it. I would be grateful for your feedback.

These photographs are part of a series previously published in this blog: A(d)vert?

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2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. The first image reminds me of Berger’s Ways of Seeing – Chapter 2: “A man’s presence suggests what is is capable of doing to you or for you. His presence may be fabricated, in the sense that he pretends to be capable of what he is not. But the pretence is always towards a power which he exercises on others.” and also “Men survey women before treating them.” The image of the man in the background is the punctum in this image for sure.

  2. davgar on said:

    I like these strong photos. The second has that twist of humour which lifts it above sterile ‘commentary’, And the tilted compostion helps that too.
    I do think the third is both the weakest and the least aligned with ‘reflection’, I suspect it is his expression – dismayed rather than reflective about what is being whispered.

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